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Rent Fast Online Video Hosting for Business, Education, Media, Training and Video Creators. Upload, manage, share or embed your video on your website, thanks to this dedicated paid online video hosting plan, EN support included in a monthly fee. Get Your Own Plan here :

HTVH High Tech Video Hosting

HTVH PLAN - One TV Channel

Ideal hosting of HD videos, if it is only for a limited time, with your channel owner interface.

Upload, manage, share your videos as they are. Make playlists. Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video to import it into your channel. Inside the channel interface you also have a screen recorder and a camera recorder to make videos or stories.

This package includes support and tutorials in english. You can not host more videos than your disk storage capacity allows you. You will have to renew your subcription at the end of each month. The service ends 5 weeks after your last payment, and the channel is deactivated after our 1-week notice.

HTVH PLAN - My TV Channel

High Quality hosting for one year for any video set, renewable.

Capacity : 1 GB, You will get the same service and features than One TV channel but cheaper thanks to your 12-month commitment with a PayPal membership, or a yearly bill of $178,80. Your channel can have Viddle subscribers only.

HTVH PLAN - PROTECT 10 My Smart TV Channel

On top of your TV channel, to meet your needs : the hosting and the listing or protection of a limited number of 10 interactive videos for your activity or business marketing.

1 GB of storage capacity for your TV channel and 1 GB additional storage capacity for your 10 interactive videos. 12-month commitment via a PayPal membership or yearly billing total of $478,80.

If you cancel your membership, your interactive videos and your hosted channel will be deactivated 5 weeks after your last payment.

You can upload, manage, share your videos as they are with your channel owner interface.

We upload and host your 10 selected HD videos; then we put interaction links in the video (landing page to visit, to buy, to learn more...). Other options : image, countdown, text, social share, quizz, map, video in the video....

Possibilities of protection : no ads, no spam comments, these 10 videos can be viewed / embedded only on your internet domain, and you can restrict by countries and prevent under age viewers, disable comments...

For the 10 hosted interactive videos :

If on open access, the video will be listed in our channel of its niche, playlists or the topic related to your video.

Or the video can be unlisted, with access only by link.

The video can be downloadable.

We provide to you the hypertext link of the video to share or to view and the embedding source code for your website in an HTML frame.

HTVH CUSTOM PLAN - Channel and Video Interaction

Contact us if you have special needs of channel storage capacity or interactive videos needs. After our 15 min call with you, we will come up with a long term customised commited hosting plan for you and get back to you with its monthly price.

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