Bioguto Omega-3 Premium (ArcticMed) žuvų taukai. Kalba dr. Vaiva Bražinskienė (3 dalis)

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In ArcticMed Omega-3 natural fish oil is mixed with olive oil extracted from Spanish Picual olives. They were cultivated around 900-1000. above sea level. At this altitude, parasites that attack olives do not breed, so olives can grow without the use of pesticides. Once the harvest season begins, the olives for this oil are picked only for the first few days, in the mornings and pressed no more than 4 hours after picking. In order for the oil to be particularly rich in polyphenols, the mill is cooled with cold water. The lower the temperature of the pressed olives, the less but better quality oil is obtained. Our olive oil is laboratory tested and particularly rich in polyphenols, oleic acid (omega-9) and bioactive compounds such as hydroxytyrosol and oleocanthal. In the aftertaste you can feel the tingle characteristic of oleocanthal and the rising urge to cough.

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