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Hi my name is Ken Hatton, I don't know about you

but have you ever been with a company that

either changed the rules or compensation plan,

have gone south with the money or gone bankrupt

maybe even left the country? the latest

one for me was the Government change the laws which

made a legal product that been in use for 1000's of years into

a class 1 product that could not be imported

into the country.

The good news about all this is that I have learnt

to become a little effective and I hope this will

help you also.

Anyway, I believe a person should work less, enjoy

life more and get more done in the shortest time

possible, Right?

So I use extensions, apps, dialling and text systems

both on my phone and computer, also of course

email marketing autoresponders, texting (off

my computer) and more.

This video is just a sample of what you will

see on the inside of the member's area. I'm not

sure if I should charge for this information or

not so for now, it's free, just fill in the form

on this page.

This video is how I send and receive text messages from

my phone and computer and have them tied together.

This work with both Android and iPhones

In the next video, you will see how I email and text the email at the same time sign in and I'll email

you when it's available. It might be available

right now depending on when you see this.

The system I use for texting is MySms.com

By the way you check out my site @ kenhatton.com

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